The Waving Flag: ADLG: Northern League Round 2 (Manchester, 19 May 2024)

Friday 24 May 2024

ADLG: Northern League Round 2 (Manchester, 19 May 2024)

Sunday, 19 May saw my first competitive outing of 2024.  After the usual early start, and a trip up the M6, I arrived at Eccles for the second round of the 2024 Northern League.

The theme was: the Dark Ages and the Feudal period (494 -1329 AD all told).  The only restriction was that Heavy or Foot Knights weren't allowed.  I decided to field my somewhat vanilla Novgorod Russians, but with a twist of fortifications.

Event Summary

Event Northern League Round 2
Date 19 May 2024
Rules Version ADLG 4
Theme Dark Age & Feudal 494-1329 AD
Venue Magdalene Centre, Eccles, M30 8JD
Army Muscovite Russian (Novgorod)
Army list 250.1.11
Army date 1328 AD
Entrants 18 players in 16 teams
My results 5th of 16 with 194 points. 2 wins, 0 draws & 1 loss.
All results Final placings

Strategy & Review

My record in the Northern League is atrocious.  Accepting my inability to win, I settled for setting an unusual tactical puzzle for my opponents with two heavy cavalry commands flanking a large, intentionally, static infantry command protected by lots of fortifications.

I planned to advance with both cavalry commands if given the opportunity.  Aware that this could be disastrous, I balanced the commands so that the army could only be broken if everything in both cavalry commands was destroyed, or if all three commands were attacked.

With two wins, it's fair to say this worked (up to a point).

Game #1

Opposition Tony Parkin
Army Medieval Swedish
Army number 251
Army date 1250 AD
Initiative Won
My Posture Defender
Terrain Steppe
Game time 1h 30m
Attrition Scores 7/26 to 22/22
Decisive Yes
Points 95 to 15
Result Win

This game started well for me.  Enemy Light Horse chased off and then Tony lost one of his two knights in a 6-1 combat with my Impact Cavalry general (plus overlap).  This lead to the collapse of Tony's left flank (general and all) and lots of points for me.  After that the end was only a matter of time.  Before the game I was worried about Tony's heavy infantry but they got nowhere near my inert infantry centre.  The cavalry did all the hard work.

Game #2

Opposition Marco Baroni
Army Later Crusader
Army number 196
Army date 1191 AD
Initiative Won
My Posture Defender
Terrain Steppe
Game time 2h 05m
Attrition Scores 26/26 to 7/22
Decisive Yes
Points 16 to 94
Result Loss

This was my "prize" for a first round win.  On Sunday, Marco was the number 2nd ranked player in the UK and I was 130th!  The game turned into one of dogged resistance on my part as my cavalry really struggled against seven medium crusader knights.  My right flank of Impact Cavalry folded eventually; exposing the flank of the infantry.  However, they and the left cavalry wing were able to delay the inevitable; long enough for me to finally kill one of Marco's units.  When you are getting hammered these small "victories" are important.

Game #3

Opposition Bob Middlemist
Army Samurai
Army number 221
Army date 1182 AD
Initiative Won
My Posture Attacking
Terrain Plain
Game time 2h 00m
Attrition Scores 23/26 to 18/18
Decisive Yes
Points 83 to 27
Result Win

Bob is turning into one of my regular opponents at competitions.  Nearly everything in his army was elite and could shoot.  I placed both cavalry commands on the left and one quickly overwhelmed Bob's small cavalry command.  I then began to pick up points steadily which was a problem for the small Samurai army.  I suffered losses from shooting throughout, but the game swung in my favour when my infantry advanced(!) to take on his medium foot.  To be fair they had to; they were suffering badly from shooting.  I want to thank Bob for his sportsmanship throughout and teaching me a few "tricks" which helped me get over the line that bit quicker.

Closing remarks
This competition was my best ever ADLG Northern League points tally with my biggest ever score in a single game to boot.

When I checked all my Northern League ADLG results, I realised I'd previously only won one game and that was this time last year!  Considering I've been playing ADLG since 2017, it's about time I got a bit better and had a bit of luck too.

To close here are some photos of the players waiting for the next round draw to be announced:


Chris Hahn said...

Martin - An interesting read and look at how ADLG tournaments are hosted/run in merry old England.

Believe I counted five "shooty" armies in the lists . . . three of which were Samurai. Figures that these colourful chaps would come in second.

My heart goes out to Dave, coming in 16 out of 16. There's a story that I should like to hear or read about in the pages of Slingshot.

Thanks for posting the link in the SoA sub forum.

When is your next outing with ADLG, and which army do you plan on leading to victory - or at least mid-table?


Vexillia said...

I think my next Northern League outing will be round four in September. It's a Hellenistic theme. I will be testing my new Macedonian army prior to a major two day competition in York the following month. I will be aiming for mid-table as this will be a completely new competitive period for me. Fingers crossed.

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