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Sunday 18 February 2024

AI, ADLG And The Madaxeman

I'm sure we have all noticed the torrent of news about AI.  I've remained sceptical, but I've found some of the AI image processing tools to be well worth the trouble. Many of my recent images have been processed with the help of such tools.  But that's not the subject of this post.

I recently, stumbled across billed as an AI assisted search engine.  I started using it to research costume details for my Hellenistic project and I was impressed.  The results are delivered in sentences with reference links and images (if appropriate).  It also says if it doesn't know the answer; a nice touch.

ADLG & the Madaxeman
Being curious, I created a few other searches including some related to Art de la Guerre (ADLG).  Of course, they all contained a reference to the hub of Tim Porter's burgeoning mega-media-empire:

Much later, I was looking at Tim's latest battle reports when I spotted a link to his 2021 appearance on the God's Own Scale podcast during which Tim describes the history of  So, whilst painting, I listened to the episode again.  The portion where Tim describes the somewhat random (haphazard?) genesis of his site was particularly interesting as was the description of his scatter gun approach to content creation and social media adjuncts.

Now Tim's been very influential in promulgating ADLG both in person and through his website.  So, putting two unrelated topics together, I wondered how the AI would go about rating the influence of on ADLG and whether it (?) could identify any important factors underpinning Tim's influence.

Thursday 15 February 2024

15 mm Agrianian Javelinmen (Essex)

This is the third set of units for my 2024 Hellenistic project.  They follow the commanders and the camp off the painting desk.  It now feels like the army is taking shape.  Of course, anything I paint before the KITN competition in October is a bonus as I have borrowed an army from a mate.

These are venerable Essex sculpts (MPA20 Agrianian Javelinmen).  Well up to their usual standard with few, if any, defects and a more detailed figure review isn't necessary

15 mm Hellenistic Camp (Scratchbuilt)

As I continue with my Hellenistic project my mind turned to what I would use for a camp.  Browsing the web for inspiration was a thankless task until I rediscovered the excellent Hellenistic camp from Baueda (complete with a quote from Polybius).


The above is 120 x 80 mm and therefore far too big for an Art de la Guerre (ADLG) camp which is 80 x 40 mm.  Nonetheless, I'm sure the set could be adapted.   However, I failed in my attempts to find a UK retailer and so, inspired by Claudio's excellent modelling, I decided to try and make my own.

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