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Saturday 15 September 2007

Solution for DBMM Rule Book Problem

The first edition of the DBMM rule book was so poorly produced that the centre pages start to fall out even after careful use. I understand some people have even had problems with the latest version which was meant to correct the problem.

To solve this problem I've just had my copy repaired and rebound at Staples in Warrington for £5.20 and it looks really great. I asked the Staples print shop to:
  1. Take the staples out from the residue of the book.
  2. Cut the A3 pages in half.
  3. Trim 2 - 3 mm off the edge that formed the fold.
  4. Add a clear plastic cover and a posh card back.
  5. Punch binding slots in to the cover and pages.
  6. Trim the covers to match the pages.
  7. Bind with a black wire spiral.
The rule book now opens perfectly flat which is a positive improvement on the original. The loss of a few mm is hardly noticeable: margins still look good. Not bad for £5.20 and 15 minutes of walking round the store.

Obviously, you need a UK store with a print shop and I think it helped that I agreed the price by phone in advance. Just make sure that you haggle a little: the first price I got was £11.50 but this was reduced when they used the "15 Minute Service Charge" to cover labour instead of their first choice.

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