The Waving Flag: Islamic Persian – DBA Project

Monday, 21 July 2008

Islamic Persian – DBA Project

In January this year I posted a quick shot of my low key painting project mainly to test my new camera. I was inspired by Paul Baker's work but wanted to try 15 mm. Months later and unfortunately I've not painted anything new but I have photographed everything that I've completed.

The command stand is Essex Miniatures as are all the infantry. The rest are Roundway distributed by Navwar. Let me know what you think:


James said...

Lovely neat painting and basing, a whole army of this would look great on the table.
I have never fancied DBM but the idea of DBA appeals to me a little, I imagine it to be kind of like chess because of the abstractions, maybe I have got it all wrong though never having seen it played?

Vexillia said...

Thanks for the kind words James. This link should help you explore DBA a bit more -

Anonymous said...

Nice painting - good to see some interesting colour combinations.

One thought - before putting so much care into painting them, might it be an idea to cut the lances off and re-pin them with wire or steel pins? It's so easy for a fantastic paint job to be spoiled by accidentally bent or broken lances?

Just a thought.
PS> the Essex armoured Hindu elephant would look fab with your painting to turn this into a Timurid army.

Vexillia said...

The idea of an armoured elephant sounds interesting. Do you have the code to hand?