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Thursday 6 May 2021

ADLG: Help Wanted Beta Testers V4 List Writer

Update Fri 14 May, 2021
Thanks to everyone's help the beta testing phase ended today with the release of v4.01.00.  Details & links can be found on the new ADLG tools page.  All links to the beta version have been removed from what follows.

Original post
Do you have a Google account and know how to use Google Sheets?  Do you play Art de la Guerre (ADLG) and would you like to help me test an online list writing sheet?  If the answers to both questions is yes read on. 1, 2

Since March, when the first version was released, I have improved a few things and trapped even more errors.  The most important thing is the new writer uses all the new initiative rules, points values and army lists from ADLG V4.  This is why it needs testing.

In use the writer is basically the same as that for V3 in that you can create a list whilst viewing all the basic information before printing out a fully formatted list on paper or as a pdf.  

You need a Google Drive, and access to Google Sheets, because there will never be a downloadable version.  The writer uses a couple of powerful spreadsheet functions that are unique to Google Sheets and aren't in the likes of Excel.

Still interested?  Then use this link to create a copy of (final) beta version V4.00.06 on your own Google Drive and start writing your very first list for ADLG V4.

What help am I looking for?

  • Missing troop types & wrong points values.   Version 4 introduced many new options & combinations; especially for medium foot.  I think I've captured them all but I can't be sure.  If you find one leave a comment here.  A page reference to an example in a list would be really helpful.
  • Contentious list splits.  To make the database work many lists have had to be split in to two or more sub-lists.  You may disagree with the way I've split lists or simply spot an error.  As before, please leave a comment outlining anything you find odd or wrong.
  • Test the search function.  To find a particular list just enter the list number in cell A2 on the "List Search" worksheet.  Try 258 to see it in action.  Also please test the other filtering options.
  • Spreadsheet protection. Once copied to your Google Drive, all the sheet & cell protection I've put in place will not work.  I would like to know if this is a problem.  If you end up deleting an important cell by accident just make another copy and try again.
  • Other spreadsheet errors.  If you get anything unusual please leave a comment.  A link to a screenshot of the problem would be ideal.

Finally a word about updates. Having created a copy you will need to repeat the process to get the latest beta version.  I will correct errors & omissions quickly.  I plan to update the beta version for a few weeks before releasing the first public version.  I will routinely post update announcements on both twitter and in the comments section below.

Follow up points:

  1. I have received some feedback from the beta testers along the lines of why write another sheet when there's now a simpler, and downloadable, version for Excel on the ADLG web site?  The answer is two fold.  Firstly, this sheet does far more automated testing and uses a list database that contains a full list of allies & dates.   Secondly, in 2021 the Excel version for V3 had outstanding errors dating from 2018.   I wanted to ensure I wasn't reliant on others.  

  2. One tester found the layout intimidating at first so I'd be interested in other's views.  


Sean Walker said...

Ive requested that I can work on V4, I've used your V4 and I thinks its an upgrade of xcel

Vexillia said...

Sorry about the need to request access. There was a problem with the link in the 4th paragraph which I have now resolved. All those requesting access have been sent an email

Vexillia said...

I've had confirmation that copying the file removes all the cell protection I put in place.

This may make the sheet more awkward to use as you can change cells you shouldn't. Let me know how you get on.

Vexillia said...

The latest (and final beta) version can now be copied. This version, 4.00.05, features lots of small changes and corrections following feedback from various testers.

Vexillia said...

Added some footnotes to provide tips on usage and answer some questions raised during testing.

Vexillia said...

Corrected an error that meant Standard camps were adding 1 to the army value.

Vexillia said...

Beta testing phase almost over just fine tuning the print layout (always a good sign). Unless someone discovers a major flaw this will be released over the weekend.

Vexillia said...

Beta testing ended today and first version released. All links to the beta version have been removed and a link to the new tools page has been added.

Vexillia said...

Thanks to everyone that helped. You know who you are.

Capt Flash! said...

Having just been introduced to the game, this is excellent. I have a couple of queries regarding the point values for the 300 point option. Who can I address them to? Thanks for your efforts on this.

Vexillia said...

Try the ADLG forum at

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