The Waving Flag: 15 mm Mongol Artillery – Part 1

Saturday 23 August 2008

15 mm Mongol Artillery – Part 1

I’ve got a bit bored re-doing the Mongol Command for my DBMM army. I’ve  done three Cv(S) elements and one LH(S) element with two more half done.  I then switched to re-doing the eight elements of Cv(S) and they are half done but I got a bit board with them too.  There’s a trend here.

I switched again, this time to Chinese Art(S) in Mongol service.  I saw some of the excellent Donnington range of ancient artillery models on display quite  a few months ago.  I was really impressed by the painting style used on the display pieces and the fact that they had some that would fit nicely on a 40 by 40 mm base.

I bought a few of ART06 and had a go. The results you see above manned by some Essex Chinese artillery crew (CHN 20).  I know its an torsion mangonel and the Mongols are “famous” for human powered and large counterweight artillery but those models are enormous!

Now I have some LH(S) Mongol generals to finish; some Cv(S) Mongol cavalry to finish; I’ve also primed the other mangonel and the two ballista I bought for Art(O) ; and I’m half way through all the Chinese artillery crew I bought.  All this before I start on the Cv(O)!  Sometimes I wonder.

Updated: Sun, 24 Aug 2008

Here’s a few other examples of Mongol artillery that others have pointed out to me:
  • Hand pulled artillery conversion based on Donnington’s early perrier (ART42) courtesy of Swampster.  He used the original crew, side frames and axle. The main beam is made up of a bundle of florist’s wire bound with thread and couple of cross beams were added.
  • Glen Verburgt has scratch built both a counterweight trebuchet and a large perrier from plastic rod.

Updated: Thu, 28 Aug 2008

Check out the second Mongol artillery piece.


James said...

I like your clean/neat painting style Martin it is very well suited to 15mm.

Always nice to see pictures

Vexillia said...

Thanks James. I wish I could paint quicker though.

James said...

Oh yeah amen to that. Quality just takes time I guess.

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