The Waving Flag: 15 mm Mongol Artillery – Part 2

Thursday 28 August 2008

15 mm Mongol Artillery – Part 2

I’ve been very busy over the Bank Holiday weekend and I’ve finished a second Mongol artillery piece.  People seemed to like the first one so I hope you like this one.

Once again it’s a Donnington artillery piece (ART 41) with Essex crew (CHN 20).  It’s for the Art(O) bolt shooter.  To be honest I think it looks like the Chinese have nicked a Roman design but it’ll do.

I experimented with a new lighting technique. It involves holding an incandescent daylight bulb alongside the camera.  I’m quite pleased as these photos were taken just as it was getting dark and the backgrounds are quite light.  Having said that I’m still not sure I got the depth of field right.

In addition to this piece, I finished the crew for the two remaining pieces this weekend.  So it’s two down, two to do.


James said...

The new photo style is brighter but the old way was OK too. I like the fact you mix and match manufacturers eclectic like. I tend to do that too.
Martin do you have any other links about DBA? That last one you gave me did not give me the basic info I wanted.
What I need to know is the basing size and how many on a base etc.
I have some spare 15mm Essex Roman figures and some 15mm Irregular orcs. If I have enough you see I thought about knocking up 2 DBA armies just as a little "side project" (Lord how often have I said that?)

Vexillia said...

Thanks for the comments about the photos. I still need more practice. As to DBA if you look at the "Unofficial Guide" at it will tell you about basing on page 5. What it doesn't do is give you the army lists which are only in the main rules.

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