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Saturday 2 August 2008

Goodbye - It’s Been Great

No, it’s not the end of this blog but a brief note to mark the end of a 25 year relationship.

Today I sold my 1983 Honda CX500 Euro Sport which I’d owned from new.  There’s been some great times but she’s gone to a good home and I’m sure the new owner will look after her.   After 25 years it was very sad to watch her go.

On one special occasion my girlfriend and I used the bike to nip round the corner to get some chips after a long trip from the Wirral to Hartlepool.  We pulled up sharply at a back street chippie where I was completely caught out by the steep camber of the road.  The bike wouldn’t stay upright and slipped over towards the kerb depositing my girlfriend full length on the pavement in the process.

I was left straddling the bike trying to save the fairing, the engine castings and the paint work by holding the bike off the ground by the handle bars.  I managed to hold the bike with inches to spare but didn’t have the strength or leverage to do anything else.

Legs akimbo, arms straining with the very heavy bike I was amazed to see the whole of the chip shop queue rush outside, straight past my girlfriend, to help me right the bike! Thanks lads. 
Those were the days.  They are gone now but I have my memories which I will always treasure.


James said...

I have to ask : Has your girlfriend lasted 25 years?

Vexillia said...

Of course not. Silly boy ;-)

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