The Waving Flag: Music To Paint By :: Part 5

Friday 24 April 2009

Music To Paint By :: Part 5

As regular readers will know I occasionally post articles about music. I find it helps me to work and paint.

Recently, I’ve been finding more and more excellent mix sites offering mp3 downloads, or streams, of 30 to 60 minute mixes.  So in time honoured fashion here’s a list of my current favourites for you to try.  In reverse order we have:

  • Big Rock Candy Mountain – this American blog offers a mixture of country, blues and sixties R & B along with loads of attitude.
  • Voodoo Funk – a definite walk on the wild side with Frank Gossner.  Frank’s a German who spent three years touring West Africa. He has posted the most amazing collection of afro funk, beat and soul mixes based on the vintage records he uncovered.
  • Funky16Corners – another American site run by Larry Grogan but with some strong Northern Soul tendencies.  Keep the faith!  You can also checkout Larry’s Facebook page.
  • Flea Market Funk – a great site run by DJ Prestige. He’s an American Liverpool FC fan known to his mother as Jamison Harvey. The mixing is a little more complex but the archive is immense.
  • Thirty Thirsty – a slice of cool pop, funk and soul chosen with typical Italian style by Fabrizio Durante.  Bright, lively and an ideal alternative to the radio. My current favourite.

There you have it pop pickers: this weeks’ mix chart.  Enjoy.

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