The Waving Flag: A Campaign For The Balkans 1370 AD

Friday 6 November 2009

A Campaign For The Balkans 1370 AD

Last Sunday I was due to play in a one day, six player campaign devised by John Davies.  Needless to say it didn’t happen.  A week before we had seven players and by the the time I turned up at the club we had three.  Flu had accounted for two of the seven leaving us with an odd number and so a couple more dropped out.

The scenario and system is really rather elegant and applicable to more than just DBMM as you can see from John’s original design:
With John’s permission, I’ve hacked it around a bit to fit better as a web page and posted it below together with a print version:
If you want to see how the campaign plays a detailed report has now been posted.  This includes an alternative set of teams.  There’s now a also deck of terrain cards to add further variety.

The Balkans 1370 AD – A DBMM Mini-Campaign


This is a six player, one day campaign using three tables with fixed terrain layouts.  There are two teams of three players and each team has a captain as follows:

Team 1 - The Catalan Vengeance:
  1. The Catalan Company (Team Captain).
  2. Lusignan Cypriot (with John Hawkwood’s White Company).
  3. Serbian Empire.
Team 2 - The Ottoman Expansion:
  1. Late Ottoman (Team Captain).
  2. Anatolian Turcoman
  3. Wallachian
Rules & Armies:
  • Rules - DBMM 1.0
  • Army lists - DBM Book 4; 2nd Ed.
  • Army size - 450 AP per army.
Starting the Campaign:
  • The opposing captains each roll a d6; the winner becomes the defending team.
  • Each captain records who is to play on each of the three tables.
  • The opposing captains declare their assignment creating the first pairings.
Starting, Playing & Finishing Games:
  • Each player rolls a d6. The defending player adds one to their score.
  • The winner chooses their preferred side of the table.
  • Players record their deployment and dice for deployment & weather as standard.
  • All games take place in summer in a warm climate.
  • Time limit - 2 ½ hours from the first bound.
  • On victory, or time expiring, VPs are calculated for both sides as in DBMM v1.0.
Starting the Second Game:
  • Captains rank their players based on the VPs gained in the first game, resolving any draws.
  • The highest ranking players from opposing teams play on table 1; the middle on table 2 and the lowest on table 3.
  • Choice of table side is determined as above.
Campaign Results:
  • Each team's VP score for all six games is calculated.
  • The team with the highest overall VP are the winners.
  • © John Davies 2009

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