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Friday 6 November 2009

Review :: Best Of Battle

This is yet another trip down memory lane and a real blast from the late 1970s.  288 pages of great artwork and stories all currently available from Amazon for £6.38 with free postage!

I waited over nine months for my copy but I wasn’t disappointed. The soft cover format means the book is easy to read and the quality paper means the artwork is really vibrant.  The artwork really does stand up even 30 years later but I admit to having a penchant for black and white line work.

There are 12-15 pages from 18 of the famous, and not so famous, scripts featured in Battle:

  • D-Day Dawson,
  • Day of the Eagle
  • The Bootneck Boy
  • Rat Pack
  • Major Eazy
  • Fighter from the Sky
  • Hold Hill 109
  • Darkie's Mob
  • Panzer G-Man
  • Joe Two Beans
  • Johnny Red
  • The Sarge
  • Hellman of Hammer Force
  • Crazy Keller
  • The General Dies at Dawn
  • Charley's War
  • Fighting Mann
  • Death Squad!

Of course Charley's War is already really well known, and being reprinted in hardback, but it was great to read Major Eazy and Darkie’s Mob again.  The biggest surprise I got was at the end of the book where the publishers were advertising a new series of single strip books for 2010.  I can’t wait.

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