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Friday 27 November 2009

Rules War :: Three Years On

This time last year I analysed the player registrations for the Northern DBM Double league and the three main competitions in the UK; Warfare, Roll Call & Britcon.  I’ve had the time to repeat the exercise for 2009 and the results are interesting:

Before commenting I’d like to point out that the figures for 2008 differ slightly from those published last year as I double checked all the data. The figures cover both 15 & 25 mm competitions and are all from singles competitions.

So what do the figures for these three competitions show:
  • Competition registrations were down 3.4% in 2009 vs. 2008.
  • FOG continues to grow whilst DBMM registrations were static.
  • DBM’s decline is nearly complete; the 8 players were all at Britcon.
  • FOG has reached a dominant position.
  • DBMM has retained its niche position.
The final round of the Northern Doubles League is ten days away so I will hold off commenting on the situation in “the North” until everything is over.  It’ll be interesting to see how they compare with the “national” picture.

Isn’t the internet wonderful?  After first posting, certain people on certain Yahoo! groups suggested that excluding Challenge was skewing the overall picture.  It doesn’t really as these figures for all four competitions show:

The only change is that DBMM’s share now looks less in 2008 giving a small increase in 2009 but I don’t think this is significant.

Index of Northern League reviews.

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