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Saturday 25 September 2010

Grimly Feendish Nostalgia Trip

A few years ago I started a new nostalgia trip seeking out reprints of mainstream British comics from the 1960s to the 1980s.  I’ve always been interested in comics but I switched to American comics and 2000AD from the late 1970s on.

The Commando collections from 2008 on fed my renewed addiction.  However, the main reason I started this trip was Alan and Leah Moore’s Albion; now only available second hand.

It’s a classic reworking of many of the British comics heroes from my youth.  I was shocked to see what they did with Captain Hurricane but I was really pleased to see Grimly Feendish make a reappearance.

Imagine my delight when Nigel Parkinson posted a a scan of a Grimly Feendish story by Leo Baxendale from the back cover Smash! (Issue 3, 1966).  Pure joy and well worth a visit.


Mike Bunkermeister Creek said...

Comics are a great wargame inspiration to me. Every issue is a scenario for a small unit action. G.I. Combat the Haunted Tank is one of my favorites.

Would you like to exchange links?

Mike 'Bunkermeister' Creek

Vexillia said...

Nigel Parkinson has posted another scan of Grimly Fiendish from Smash #2 by Leo Baxendale. Great stuff. Recommended.

Vexillia said...

They just keep on coming. This time from Wham! #17, 1964 and an original double page centre spread to boot.

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