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Thursday 24 November 2011

The Mystified On Tour :: Annual Review

The Northern League is over for another year so I thought I’d look back over the year and compare the 2011 season with our first Field of Glory season in 2010:

Year Position Points Rounds Wins/Games Av. Pts/Game
2010 25/26 24 2 1/4 6
2011 20/26 53 3 2/6 9

On the face of it we’ve made some progress. However, the pattern remains the same.

We have had one terrible round every year where we scored really, really badly.  This year it was with the Italian Condotta (5 points) and last year it was the Late Russians ( 1 point).  For the remaining rounds we have tended to have a large win and a large defeat scoring 22-26 points in total.

The plan for next year in somewhat obvious.  We need to ditch the habit of doing really badly in one round and see if we can inflict more damage whilst playing to draw games where we are badly matched or being out played.  Easily said: doing it will be the hard part.

Finally, I like to thank all our opponents in the Northern League for helping us whilst we struggled on.

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