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Monday 23 January 2012

Life’s Been Busy

You may have noticed this blog has been a bit quiet of late; then again you may not.  The reasons for this are many fold but not all bad. I have meant to write the odd post on numerous occasions but things kept getting in the way. 

To give you an idea both the washing machine and the hot water ceased working ten days before Christmas.  All were fixed but I could have done without the hassle. 

After Christmas I had a car accident when, during the high winds, I collided with a tree which had blown across the road.  Thankfully no one was hurt but the car was a “write off”.  I’ve since bought a new car and had to deal with the loss adjusters.

Just as I sorted this out, my wife discovered a small water leak in the spare bedroom ceiling caused by a problem with the dormer style roof.  Sadly, this is not going to be covered by our insurance.  Thankfully, the roofer has identified the cause and put a temporary fix in place but the roof needs a lot of remedial work and a full repair is scheduled for late February when the weather improves.

It is not all bad news.  In late October I made resolution to clear all the bits of projects from my painting desk by Christmas and this I have done.  So far I have  finished the fourth Timurid elephant and the Acies Edizioni samples for my business which had been there for months.  Spurred on I have since completed an allied contingent for my FOG Mongol army ready for this year’s Northern League: I’ve now got so much stuff I can’t fit it into my tool box!

In the grand scheme of things this litany of travails is nothing really but I do hope that things calm down a bit.  If they do I’ll get some photos taken of my new figures and get this blog back on track. 

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