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Tuesday 26 March 2013

Paint Mixer - Redux

In Feb 2011 I posted an article about using an Aldi Ultrasonic Cleaner to mix paints.

Since then I've received a few questions about using the bath. So if you are considering buying one here's a compilation of faqs I've received:
  • How many paint bottles (Vallejo) can you fit in at a time? 6-8 if held together with an elastic band.
  • How do prevent the water from soaking the labels off of the bottles? You can't. Contact with water is required to transmit the ultrasound waves. Use an indelible marker beforehand.
  • Will something like zip lock bags to keep them dry? No. Contact with water is required to transmit the ultrasound waves.
  • How long a cycle do you need to achieve a successful outcome? Depends on how badly the paint has separated, how old it is and how much has been used. I have left paint in for 1-3, 8 minute sessions.
  • Is it best to load the paints in the basket or stand them on the floor of the cleaner? Stand them on the floor
  • Is it best to stand the paints upright? Yes. Doing a couple together also helps.
  • How far up the side of the bottles do you fill the cleaner with water? There is an ideal level marked in the bath. It's between half and two thirds of the way up the bottle. I have used less if there isn't enough paint in the bottle to weigh it down.
In the two years since I bought mine they have periodically returned to Aldi but the same model is currently on sale at Maplins in the UK for £29.99 and is also available from Amazon UK for £29.99.

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