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Monday 30 September 2013

FOG R Mini-Tournament

Yesterday saw a small scale, informal four player mini-tournament at MAWS in Walkden. We played two games each using the Renaissance variant of Field of Glory (FOG R). Everyone had a great afternoon and said they'd like it do it again.

I'm pleased to say the organiser (me) came last with two loosing draws whilst Robert (Mac) McCelland came first with his horde of armoured Japanese warriors. They did really well on their first ever competitive outing:

Dave Redhead brought his early Danish army, nearly everything seemed to armed with a musket & bayonet plus battalion guns aplenty:

I fielded a French Italian Wars army shown here deployed (very badly) against the very compact Japanese (left):

Graham Hutchinson brought a late 16th century Russian army and scored the only outright victory of the day against the Danes.

For those who are interested the set up was as follows:

Rules:         Field of Glory Renaissance
Game length:   2:15 hours
Points:        650
Table:         5 x 3 ft
Deployment:    Map
Theme:         Open
Lists:         On trust
Prizes:        None

On reflection the only thing I would change is the length of game. Next time I will increase the games to 2:30 hours with 0-10 added minutes just so that the end point isn't easily predicted.

As some of the photos show there's lot of room for others to play so if you'd like to be notified of the next event leave a comment.

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