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Saturday 28 September 2013

Latest Addition To The Painting Desk

Ever since I started using talc to matt my acrylic paints I've run into a problem when using my paint palette. I place a small bottle of talc in the centre so I can dip my brush to matt paint as I go along. This means I often catch the bottle as I reach across it to the other side of the palette. I thought "wouldn't it be nice to get a rotating palette"; with one of these I could just spin the palette.

Finding a commercial rotating palette proved impossible. I found lots of rotating Lazy Susans for cake decoration or plant stands but they were all either too big, too expensive or both. Yesterday I solved my problem:

This is made from the top of a rotating spice rack I found in my local charity (thrift) shop for the princely sum of £3.00! It fits my existing palette really well:

The bearing from the bottom was easily removed and relocated underneath the top piece:

The above photo shows the holes left behind once I'd removed the rest of the spice rack:

Looking at this lot I'm probably throwing away 75% of the rack but I may keep the second disc as a spare.

If you are think about doing this for yourself I can recommend this Instructables web page which shows you how to find the centre of circle. I used this technique to re-position the bearing on the underside of the top of the spice rack.

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