The Waving Flag: Stoke Challenge 2014 (UK) - Runners & Riders

Tuesday 8 July 2014

Stoke Challenge 2014 (UK) - Runners & Riders

In the middle of June the organisers belatedly confirmed that the FOG Renaissance 650 point competition will go ahead this coming Sunday after all. This is good news as it's a relatively local show and both the venue and parking are excellent.

The runners and riders were announced this morning:

Player Club Army Date Book
Martin Stephenson MAWS Early Lithuanian 1520 C o E
Bob Amey Impalers Mughul 1562 C & C
Keith Spedding October Tibetan 1590 C & C
Ray Boyles October Wallachian - Moldavian 1590 C o E
Graham Hutchinson MAWS Early Russian 1621 C o E
Dene Green Burton Late Russian 1651 D & G
Jon Phipps Burton Hapsburg Austrian Imperial (E) 1690 D & G
Simon Clarke Burton Western Sudanese (Hausa) 1699 C o G

The day involves playing three games and the draw for the first round was announced earlier this afternoon:

Martin Stephenson v Ray Boyles
Dene Green v Keith Spedding
Jon Phipps v Bob Amey
Simon Clarke v Graham Hutchinson

So my first game looks very interesting against Ray Boyles' Wallachian - Moldavian army. There's not a great deal of difference between the lists. Should be fun.

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