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Sunday 6 July 2014

Victory Or Defeat - Some Help

On Friday I wrote about the problems I have with working out the scores of my Field of Glory games during competitions. There were a few good things that came from writing the article:
  • I now understand what I need to do and, more importantly, why.
  • I know how to work out the score without using the "official" ready reckoner grids.
  • I have produced a couple of sheets that will speed things up for me.
  • Preparing the sheets has really hammered home how to calculate the scores.
The sheets I've created serve two different purposes:
It's worth noting that Sheet #2 contains not one but two lookup grids. Despite my reservations about the double use of the single grid in the "official" ready reckoner I wanted to experiment with two simple look up tables: one for my losses and one for my opponent's losses (the calculations aren't the same). I understand why the"official" one is as it is (compactness & brevity) but I wanted to avoid complex post lookup instructions (like lookup losses, subtract from 10 to work out your gains).

As I've not had the opportunity to use either of them, I'm not sure which will I prefer. I've a sneaking suspicion that I may even end up using both: Sheet #2 to calculate the results and Sheet#1 to record the scores.

I've got three games in a day next Sunday as part of the Stoke Challenge (UK) so I'll report back after field testing them. In the meantime feel free to download and use the sheets. Any feedback is more than welcome.


Monty said...

You do great work, Martin. I'm printing this!

Vexillia said...

Great! Which one do you prefer?

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