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Friday, 11 July 2014

Victory Or Defeat - Some More Help

On Sunday I posted some sheets that I'd developed to speed up the calculation of the scores at the end of games of Field of Glory.

Since then I've had some feedback and a very useful suggestion from Bob Amey.
He suggested combining the two tables in my full score ready reckoner in to one:

The result is a touch more complex to use, as you have to remember which colour column is which, but it solves the same problem I had initially and uses a lot less vertical space. I've prepared two versions for download:
Both sheets have space to record all the details of the opposing army, the score calculations and the final results.

In both cases I kept the cell size reasonably large to maintain readability. Of course this restricts the size of the grids a touch but these should do for most games.

Comments and feedback always welcome.

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