The Waving Flag: 300th Post Landmark

Sunday 3 August 2014

300th Post Landmark

I've just realised that I posted my 300th post last week. It does not seem that long since I started this blog on 11 Jun 2007 when I said:

"How many of these web logs have you seen, read once and never returned to? Lots, I bet. I'll try and be interesting and worth revisiting on a regular basis."

This means I'm averaging one post every 8 days. It's a good job that some of them are quite short!

I know that I've about 100 readers who follow the blog through RSS and the visit count is healthy at 137,00 ish page views so I think I've not done too badly. However, I thought I'd put together a short survey to get some broader feedback. It's anonymous (isn't that brave?) and there're only four mandatory questions so it shouldn't take more than 2-3 minutes to fill in. All feedback gratefully received.

Here's to the next 300.

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