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Saturday 2 August 2014

Re-Mystified on Tour :: Review

Whilst writing the previous post on my latest Northern League adventures it occurred to me to review all my competitive games of FOGR. I started playing at the beginning of 2013 so it's not that many. This is how I've done:

Competition Northern League Stoke Challenge
Points 800 650
Wins 2 1
Draws (Winning) 0 0
Draws (Losing) 3 2
Losses 3 3
Total 8 6
Average 0.25 0.17

At first sight it looks like I've got to get more practise in but what I really need to work on is converting the losing draws in to winning draws and picking up more points along the way. You can see this by looking at the total points scored and the average points per type of game:

Competition Northern League Stoke Challenge
Points 800 650
Wins 47/2 23.5 20/1 20.0
Draws (Winning) 0 0.0 0 0.0
Draws (Losing) 23/3 7.7 14/2 7.0
Losses 17/3 5.7 14/3 4.7
Average 87/8 10.9 48/6 8.0

The results in this table are far better than I expected. Until putting the tables together I didn't feel my performance was that good. I was surprised to see that at 800 points, I am scoring more than 10 on average and even scoring highly whilst losing. As I've noted before it's very hard to score more than 5 points (equal to roughly a quarter of your opponent's battlegroups) when losing because the scoring system favours the winner.

Having said that it looks like it's going to take another year before I get really good at FOGR.

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