The Waving Flag: BHGS "Umpires Guidelines & Clarifications" for FoG:AM v2.0 published

Tuesday 6 January 2015

BHGS "Umpires Guidelines & Clarifications" for FoG:AM v2.0 published

I've just finished reading these. It's a constructive response to the lack of support for v2.0 by the rule's authors and tackles lots of niggling issues. Furthermore I'd like to recommend them to everyone as an example of clear writing and explanation:

"After 2 years of playing and ruling on V2 queries, the regular BHGS umpires have produced the following list of clarifications for FoGAM V2, which will be adopted for all future BHGS events.

This will allow all players to know in advance how any potentially ambiguous situations will be ruled upon by the umpires."

The only thing missing is some form of version numbering as I'm sure these will be updated & reissued.

So congratulations to Robert Taylor who initated the project, Peter Dalby the main author and the rest of the team. Well done.

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