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Friday 2 January 2015

Re-Mystified On Tour - Northern League R5

Sunday, 07 December dawned bright and early as I headed for Walkden for the last round of the Northern League in 2014. As before I was looking forward to playing in the Field of Glory Renaissance (FOGR) competition.

I had decided to take a class three variant of my TYW Danish army. Effectively this meant one less battlegroup of heavily armoured, superior, pistol, pistol.

I managed 18 points over two games with one winning draw and a big loss. This brought my total to the year to 62 points in 6 games. Averaging ten points a games isn't too bad at all and it's an improvement on last year. Overall I was placed eighth out of nineteen for the year.

At this stage I'm not sure what I'll be doing next year but I will collect my thoughts and post my plans later this month.

Game #1 - Anglo Danes

Opponent: Colin Betts
Club: MAWS
Army: ECW New Model Army 1645
Points: 800
Terrain: Agricultural
Result: 14-6 winning draw

This was an enjoyable match which took the whole three hours plus to play. It was also my first ever competitive winning draw!

The terrain set up allowed me to trap two of Colin's battlegroups of horse between two terrain pieces and attack them before they could deploy properly.

As Colin's horse were inferior to mine, very unlucky in combat they quickly left the field. Thereafter it was just a matter of working the advantage gained on both flanks.

Game #2 - Danish Civil War (Sort Of)

No photo! Doh!

Opponent: Dave Redhead
Club: MAWS
Army: Later Danish (1695)
Points: 800
Terrain: Agricultural
Result: 21-4 loss

The win against Colin moved me up to the second table to take on another club mate. The 70 year gap between the two Danish armies meant my early Thirty Years War army faced a mainly foot army armed with battalion guns and bayonets.

The terrain setup gave Dave two pieces of terrain to deploy between: an almost perfect setup. It was a bit like getting a winkle of a shell.

I managed quite well in uneven terrain on my left making progress against Dave's dragoons and determined horse. I broke the former and fragmented the latter. The horse then proceeded to draw every combat or pass their cohesion tests. This meant I lost momentum on the left.

Meanwhile on my right, my attempt to get through the difficult terrain was less successful and fell apart when I lost a supporting general. Thereafter the enormous fire power in the later army chipped away until my army broke. I have to say my newly painted marines were rubbish against this army.

I must learn to be more patient against such opponents. Had I waited for Dave to take the initiative I would probably have end up with more points.

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