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Saturday 30 May 2015

Home Straight

Yesterday I reached a really significant point in my Islamic Persian project: I now have all the figures I need to complete the 650 point version of the army prepared and mounted ready for painting.

The final reinforcements arrived from Navwar ten days ago.  I even bought enough figures to do the extra 150 points to bulk the army up to 800 points however that's for the future.

At the moment there are only 15 figures left to do and these have to be ready by the end of June to allow me time to base all the new elements in time for the Stoke Challenge.

I should make it even though most of them have really complex horse barding which will slow me down. So it's back to the painting table with fingers crossed that I've not tempted fate.


Vexillia said...

Quick update: I now have 18 (yes 18!) bases of Turcomen cavalry finished & based. I only have 11 figures left to paint and 12 elements to base and my 650 army will be ready. It's going to be close as Sun, 05 July is getting very close and I may have to cobble together some baggage for the camp. I'll take some photos after the competition.

Vexillia said...

Today I finished basing the penultimate battle group for my 650 point army. With seven days to go to my first competition in 2015 I have only the horse barding of three cavalry figures to finish.

Unfortunately, it looks like I won't be able to paint a specific camp for this army in time but I should have the army finished in time.

Vexillia said...

Made it! Finished the last four figures this morning. Only varnishing and basing to do before Sunday's competitor. Phew. Might even get some camp elements sorted. Who knows?

Vexillia said...

Thank heaven for late summer nights. The camp elements, all the varnishing & the basing is done. All with 36 hours to spare! This gives me a fair amount of time to relax before the competition.

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