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Saturday 30 May 2015

Recent Books

I've just finished some heavyweight reading.  The two books below cover very different periods but share the same aim of producing readable, narrative history:

Here are my one sentence reviews:
  • "1812" offers a beautifully readable version of the famous campaign of 1812 and thoroughly deserves the plaudits heaped on it by others not least by avoiding the pitfalls so common in military history of this period. 10 /10
  • "All Hell Let Loose" is also very readable offering a critical, yet dynamic, overview of such a vast topic apparently with ease bolstered with an excellent selection of very apposite statistics, stories and quotes from all sides. 9/10
If you want a reading copy then my used copies are yours for the cost of the postage. Postage will be £3.25 within the UK. To arrange this just email me using the contact form in the page footer.


Vexillia said...

"All Hell Let Loose" has been taken.

Vexillia said...

"1812" has been taken.

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