The Waving Flag: 15 mm TYW Danes - Lancashire Games

Tuesday 10 May 2016

15 mm TYW Danes - Lancashire Games

I thought I’d post the photos below to say a fond farewell to one of the original units from my DBR period.

These Thirty Years War Danes are currently under offer on eBay. They’ll serve for the ECW as well as the TYW.

The light horse never made it to table after I switched to Field of Glory Renaissance for the simple reason there are no light horse in the FOG R list.  The musketeers, however, did sterling service for a number of years until I decided to use smaller groups of “colour co-ordinated” pike and shot units and replaced them.

The above is an unusual shot but for some reason I find it very appealing.  Here’s  a close up of the infantry:

Bye bye chaps!  I hope their new owner is pleased and they fight well.

Salute The Flag

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Salute The Flag