Friday, 30 September 2016

Transylvanian TYW Flag

Regular readers may have spotted that I’m contemplating painting a Transylvanian ally for use with an Early German Protestant army for the Thirty Years War (TYW).

I’m so keen on this mini-project I’ve already painted all the samples I bought at Britcon and I’ve moved on to considering my next purchase(s).  Amongst these will be the figures for a general and his entourage.  Obviously, aside from a white horse, he needs a suitable standard so I began looking for a suitable image.  I only wanted an idea as I usually paint my flags by hand.

As it turned out Wikipedia was all I needed.  An article on the Translylvanian coat of arms provided a concise history of the arms during the period and some useful pictures.  Sadly, all the pictures were before 1597 or after 1665; nothing during theTYW.  There was however a brief description of the arms in between.

Armed with this information and a high resolution image from wikimedia I dusted off my graphics package and set to work.  Here’s the resulting image:

The next step was to make this into a useable flag for wargaming. This involved a few tweaks to the blue but I managed it easily enough:

You can download the flag if you don’t want to use the above image. The file contains some brief historical notes and flags suitable for all scales from 15 to 30 mm.


  1. Additional resources:

    [1] Carpathia from Wappenwiki.
    [2] Principality of Transylvania from Wappenwiki.

    The arms for 1597-1659 in [2] differ from that given in the Wikipedia article quoted in the main text


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