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Wednesday 28 September 2016

Status Report

After all that stodgy stuff about L’Art De La Guerre (ADLG) in the last post I thought I’d just write a short piece about my current projects.  The following are all 15 mm:

  • TYW artillery.  The three guns are done and the crew will be started next week.
  • TYW musketeers. I’m half way through three battlegroups worth of these to bulk out my TYW collection.
  • TYW infantry command. These are underway.  Some are destined for generic musketeer elements while the majority are for some Early German Protestant command elements.
  • TYW Transylvanians.  I bought samples at Britcon and have nearly finished them all.  It’s been fun getting the colour palette right and I’ve even been edge highlighting blackened armour!
  • WWII 8th Army.  Slowly working my way through a largish pile of infantry in batches of 4-8 figures each time.

Having a lot of projects isn’t that novel.  I suspect I have far fewer than many but the main thing is that I’m making progress with all of them.  In the last weeks I have finished and in some cases based:

  • Eight bases of TYW musketeers (8 x 3 = 24 infantry).
  • One batch of 8th Army (8 infantry).
  • One battlegroup of Akinji light horse (8 x 2 = 8 cavalry).
  • Three bases of TYW command each with two hand-painted Danish flags.

I think it’s far to say I have got my painting “mojo working”. When I’ve finished the Translyvanians I’ll get my camera out and take some pictures.


TamsinP said...

Sounds like you've got plenty on the go at the moment - should keep you out of mischief :)

Just out of interest, what figures are you using for your 30YW Transylvanians?

Vexillia said...

So far my TYW Transylvanian samples are all from Donnington:

LH/Cv Bow/Sword - EC04 & 06 on TYH06
Late Gendarmes - EC03 on TYH08
LH/Cv Carbine/Pistol - EC05 on TYH06 & 08

I'm thinking of OTC09, EC10 & EC12 for command and variety but not sure yet as there're no pictures on the web.

I will be ordering some PL07 & 08 from Legio Heroica's "Vienna 1683" Polish range at the weekend as LH/Cv Carbine/Pistol.

Even so I'll probably end up using Donnington horses because the Legio Heroica figures don't have pistol holsters.

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