The Waving Flag: TYW Saxon Infantry

Thursday, 6 July 2017

TYW Saxon Infantry

These are early Thirty Years War (TYW) Protestant infantry.  My plan is to morph my TYW Danes by painting fresh command stands with different flags.  Until recently I was hand painting the flags but these are the first to use some of the recently updated Electoral Saxon Infantry flags I released through

For practical wargaming reasons I'm using the yellow and black striped flags as a surrogate "national" flag. This is to "tie" the units together on the tabletop and to allow me to put two flags with each unit.

The flags shown here are the 20 mm version and the edges have been painted to blend the edges into the rest of the flag. The figure's pose did not allow me to use the larger (22 mm) version that I've used elsewhere.

All figures are from the excellent Donnington TYW ranges.


Anonymous said...

Excellently painted and based formation.

Vexillia said...

Thanks very much. Glad you liked them.