The Waving Flag: ADLG: UK Rankings 2017

Sunday 17 December 2017

ADLG: UK Rankings 2017

To mark the end of the year the BHGS have just released the latest UK rankings.  What I'd forgotten was that my entry in the last round of the Northern League would earn me a national ranking!

Would you believe I am joint 153rd (or should that be joint 152nd) out of 160? Never I hear you say! Here's the "proof":

I suppose I should have expected to re-enter the rankings as the Northern League has always been a "ranking" competition.  To be honest I was more focussed on getting a game. However, I am impressed by the efficiency of those organising the rankings.

In a roundabout way this formalises my return to the competition scene albeit in a very, very small way.

In August 2013 I was ranked just inside the top forty for Field of Glory Renaissance (FOGR); heady stuff indeed. Who knows what lies ahead for my ADLG ranking in 2018.  Time will tell and the only way is up.

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