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Tuesday 16 January 2018

What I Have Painted Recently

The title almost says it all except I hate photographing miniatures! I never seem to get it right. Anyway here are some photos of my last three mini-projects:

Late Medieval Mounted Archers

These are a mixture of Essex and Roundway figures. The latter needed some card under the bases to avoid too great a difference in height.

I went for a slightly Burgundian flavour with a white and blue theme for the various accents. Despite this I have no immediate use for these but it's one more portion of my lead pile painted.

Medieval Crusader Crossbowmen

Now these I need. They will provide an option for my Art d la Guerre (ADLG) Ilkhanid Mongol army.

I painted the arms of the crossbows to present the composite crossbows the Crusaders adopted from their enemies.  I'm currently working on two elements of knights to go with them.

Figures are from Essex and I'd like to thank Phil Steele for his kind donation of a pack of MID55.

Landsknecht Pikemen

Another mini-project completed. The picture shows a full pike block on a movement tray for Field of Glory Renaissance (FOGR) but only the front rank is new.

The new front rank are Roundway with Donnington casualties.  Once again the Roundway figures needed card under the base, as it was very thin, otherwise the figures looked significantly shorter than the rest.  The second and third ranks are a mix of Essex (Pikemen) and Roundway (Command). Rather surprisingly the two sets of Roundway figures differ quite a lot in height.

The figures with the horizontal pikes are based on 40 by 40 mm bases to ensure the elements can be moved into contact.  Technically there should be 8 figures on such a base not 4.  I hope my opponents will accept each of these elements as two "normal" elements not least because it makes a cracking pike block.

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