The Waving Flag: Military Orders Vignette

Tuesday 20 February 2018

Military Orders Vignette

I painted this way back in 2015 shortly after I was sent some samples from the Thistle & Rose ranges by the new owner who was "going to get the back on the market soon".  The most I can find today is a Facebook page (boo hiss).

This is an excellent one piece vignette and it was  areal pleasure to paint.  It can be used as a baggage element or as "Barker marker in DBA.

Before posting the new photos above I was trying to find out if I'd posted this already but I'll be blowed if I can find it anywhere on the blog. I did however manage to find the photos I took in 2015 so here's a double helping:


dbajuri said...

...great image i have a similar one:
more pictures:
hello from Switzerland Jiri - vodnik

Vexillia said...

Nice work Jiri.

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