The Waving Flag: Translyvanian Hussars

Tuesday 20 February 2018

Translyvanian Hussars

When I was exploring the options for Transylvanian Hussars I bought a few samples of renaissance pistol armed light cavalry from both Irregular Miniatures and Legio Heroica. I still haven't painted the latter but I did do most of the former and this week I finally got a result I am happy with:

First time round I wasn't happy with the red: it was too orange and looked washed out with weak shadows. Re-touching using a new recipe for the red worked a treat. For those "paint nerds" I used Palka Signal Red (32) with a highlight of Plaka mixed with a small touch of Vallejo Model Colour Sunset Red (802) just to tone it down.

As always the Irregular castings look so much better when painted. One of the things on my "to do list" is to paint a few of the Legio Heroica casting to see how well they mix with these. If they do then I'll be able to produce some nicely varied light horse elements.

For completeness the samples I ordered were SR4 (Polish Lisowski Cossack, 1 each of 2 variants) and SR10 (Serbian or Croat Light Cavalry, 1 each of 4 variants). The former are as yet unpainted but they are on the painting table.

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