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Friday 18 May 2018

ADLG: 2018 A Quick Survey

A recent blog post from Tim Porter entitled "Who's Playing What - The 2018 Update" highlighted the increasing popularity of the Art de la Guerre (ADLG) rules amongst competition wargamers in the UK.  A trend also evident in the 2017 Northern League.

They must be doing something right! ADLG has some serious competition [sic]. There are lots of other excellent ancient & medieval rules out there, each with its own dedicated following.

Anyhow, I wondered if I could uncover some of the reasons behind the current growth of ADLG in the UK.  I thought why don't I a run a quick survey?

I've a background in consumer research and in 2009 I ran a survey to find out what people thought of DBMM. It garnered 128 replies and generated some really interesting results.  Of course no one took a blind bit of notice but it was fun.

Spurred on by this positive experience, this lunch time I spent a quiet half hour designing a simple, and deliberately short, survey to probe:
  • Why you play ADLG and how often.
  • What you think about the rule book.
  • Your thoughts on playing the game.
  • Your overall impressions.
It is intended for those in the UK but if you're elsewhere and want to join in go ahead. There are only 17 questions. Most are required to ensure the resultant data set provides a rounded and balanced picture.

Take the ADLG survey

No personal data is collected as I decided not to ask for an email address but the survey does ask how old you are and roughly where you are in the UK.

If enough people take the survey then I will analyse the responses and post the results here.

This is a totally "unofficial" survey. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the ADLG creative team.


PatG said...

Never heard of these rules but will be looking into them

Vexillia said...

Taking the UK by storm according to Tim Porters report.

Vexillia said...

Part 1 of the results now posted.

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