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Thursday 24 May 2018

ADLG: Rankings & Survey Update

This is the latest a series of posts about Art de la Guerre (ADLG) but only because I can't summon up the energy to get my camera out and photograph my latest painted units. As you can guess I don't really like photography.

The glorious weather hasn't helped as I'm now spending lots of time in the garden catching up on my reading rather than tapping away at my keyboard.

As it turns out I only have time to write this post because my plan to repair the broken switch on our 30 year old tumble dryer went really well. It broke on Monday night. I ordered a replacement (£2.99 delivered!) from eBay that night. It arrived this morning and I fitted it in 30 minutes flat. I wish all my DIY projects went that well.

Anyway on to the hobby stuff.

ADLG UK Rankings
In December last year my first outing in the Northern League saw me ranked joint 152nd out of 160.  My efforts in my second Northern league outing has boosted my ranking to 107th out of 162!

I'm a little bit worried about these heady heights. Before the only way was up; now I can drop down too. No pressure then?

ADLG Survey
Launched last Friday, this has been a great success. Thanks to assistance from Henry Hyde and Tim Porter I currently have 134 replies of which 81 are from the UK.

More importantly the trends are both obvious and looking very stable. Therefore I have decided to close the survey tomorrow, at 17:00 BST Friday 25 May.

Take the ADLG survey

I have already automated most, but not all, of the analyses and graphs I need and over the weekend I will write a narrative.  The final step will be inserting the graphs and tables into the narrative.

The results will probably be split into two or three parts just to keep each post a reasonable length. I'll start with the basic stuff like age, location & overall experience before going a bit deeper into the replies.

That's it for now. It's back to the garden for me.


TamsinP said...

I've finally added my response to the survey

Vexillia said...

So you have! ;-) Thanks very much.

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