The Waving Flag: What I Have Painted Recently

Tuesday 29 May 2018

What I Have Painted Recently

Medieval Eastern Europe Command (15 mm Essex XMED1)
For my Later Polish or Lithuanian armies.  I posted some WIP photos in February.

Renaissance Light Cavalry (15 mm Irregular Miniatures SR10)
Next a test piece and I have to say these figures were an absolute joy to paint. Some more hidden gems from Irregular.

Afghan Bowmen (15 mm Roundway RKMU5 & 6)
These are destined for my Timurid (Late Medieval) & Islamic Persian (Renaissance) armies once I have painted another batch.


Drew Jarman said...

very nicely done. The poles are completely different from how I did mine see my blog entries to compare?

Vexillia said...

I see what you mean. But I already have lots of "knight commander" bases and wanted to paint something a bit different.

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