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Friday 3 August 2018

Play or Game?

In a fit of heat induced, summer madness I posted what follows on The Wargames Website (TWW).  I asked do you:

  • Play games because you are old enough to have been taught that game is mainly a noun or an adjective not a verb?
  • Game because you also play, or played, computer games?
  • Game because that’s what all the cool kids say?
  • Game because play is what children do and you’re just a touch embarrassed?
  • Game because your wife/partner insists on using play as a gentle wind-up?

As you would expect a few of the responses have been funny, a few confusing and a few obtuse.  My current favourite is this one:

"I am old, I am British, and I have no problem with telling people that I play games."

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PatG said...

I'm over 50, I play war games or board games or RPGs - mostly.

Vexillia said...

There's been an interesting development regarding this post.

It was picked up by TMP's "link hound" Tango and posted on one of the boards but after 9 hours it has now been deleted.

Such a petty action but then that's TMP for you. It was clearly of interest to TMP's readers as whilst it was live it generated quite a lot of traffic.

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