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Monday 6 August 2018

ADLG: A Beginner's Guide

Julian Lopez has put together a very well though out guide to Art de la Guerre. It's so clear and well structured I think it deserves as wide an audience as possible so I have no hesitation in promoting it here.  These quotes will give you a flavour of Julian's intentions:
"Any rule set that could allow me to play a game to a conclusion in a couple of hours without reading the rules and without leaving me with a bad back couldn’t be bad."
"I have since played the game pretty intensively and found it to be like chess: simple to play and deceptively hard to play well."
"The rules have been extensively play-tested and all troop types are well balanced. I can genuinely say that for the first time, I can take pretty much any army to a competition and have every confidence of success."
"Large armies of mediocre and average troops have as much chance of winning a battle as elite armies."
"One significant advantage of ADLG over previous rule sets is that for the first time, a lucky beginner following a few simple tactics and rules can beat an experienced player."
"The purpose of this document is to detail these tactics and rules to give beginners a better chance of winning and make life harder for the more experienced players."
In addition to the guide there are four detailed army lists, from four different periods, along with notes on how Julian uses the armies.

Download your copy.

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