The Waving Flag: Timurid or Persian Light Horse

Thursday 9 August 2018

Timurid or Persian Light Horse

I have just finished basing these. They are a mixture of Roundway and Donnington figures and horses and will see service in my medieval Timurid and renaissance Persian armies.

Altogether I've finished eight bases; enough for two battle groups in Field of Glory Renaissance (FOGR) and enough for three or four(!) ADLG armies. I must decide whether I'm buying for ADLG or large scale rules like FOG. In fairness, most of these figures were bought when i was still playing FOGR regularly.

Here's a side on shot showing the patterned horse cloth on the Donnington horse. I'm not happy with the photograph but I am with the way the pattern turned out.

Here's a final group shot which shows how the patterned horse cloths really stand out when viewed en masse:


Doug said...

On my phone there are no pictures in this format. Were there pictures?

Vexillia said...

Yes. I've checked the mobile version a couple of ways and there are photos in some views but not others. Have you tried the phone landscape? Otherwise you'll need to use a tablet or a desktop I'm afraid.

thefrenchjester said...

nice paintwork on the good oldies !

Donnington originals are too underestimated!
with your brushwork they are jewels!

kind regards.

Vexillia said...

Thanks for the kind words and I agree there are quite a few hidden gems in the Donnington & Roundway ranges which mix surprisingly well.

PS I have just followed one of your "Wilderness of Mirrors" blog. Looks interesting.

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