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Thursday 13 September 2018


In April I saw an offer on TWW from Alternative Armies for a bundle of 40 mm frontage wall sections in five different styles that was too good to miss. I ended up with a total of 2.4 m (yes metres!) for only £20.00 delivered.

Last month I finally got round to painting some:

The sections on the left are for my Later Polish army and those on the right are for my Timurid & Islamic Persian armies (hence the different basing schemes).

For the Polish pieces I customised two sections by the addition of some shields from my spares box. I painted one with the Polish eagle and another with my favourite Polish clan colour scheme. I could only fit two stars on the latter; there should be seven. If I were to do more like this I'd go with only one slightly larger star.

The sections are cast in a very light resin which is easy to clean up. There's very little flash and the detail is deep enough to make them easy to paint. I painted the major details (wood grain etc) by brush and followed this with a few dry brushed layers and finished with a brown wash.

The stakes are based on MDF with added magnetic vinyl. As a result they are a little light and I wonder if the may be too light to stay in place on the tabletop. This won't be a problem with the Polish sections as they a based on metal bases.

To date I've used 8 of the 12 wooden wall sections and 6 of the 12 of the stakes. I plan to use some stone wall sections next as part of some new medieval baggage elements. Even so I think I may have bought a lifetimes' supply!

If you're tempted there's a similar offer currently available for £18.00 plus postage.


Drew Jarman said...

Technically its a Polish Herb rather than a clan! Looking very nice though so I am now off to have a look at TWW

Vexillia said...

Interesting. According to wikipedia:

[1] The devices were used by Heraldic clans.
[2] Herb is the generic Polish term for a coat of arms.

So I suppose you can use either.

Vexillia said...

On reflection it could also be both: Polish clan herb.

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