The Waving Flag: Afghan Light Spear

Thursday 10 October 2019

Afghan Light Spear

This is mainly a photo post. The figures are all Roundway and are intended as medium spear or javelinmen for my ADLG Timurid army:

The spear armed figures are RKMA8, the swordsmen are RKMU5 and are from the Mameluke and Mughul ranges respectively. They are yet another example of using a restricted colour palette.

The figures are painted to match the archers I finished in May last year:


Vexillia said...

In response to a request elsewhere the tunic colours are mainly:

Light Brown 129 (70.929)
Beige Brown 135 (70.875)
Buff 120 (70.976)
Stone Grey 104 (70.884)

All are from the Vallejo Model Colour range and some have been highlighted with a touch of Pale Flesh (Miniature Paints) for extra variety.

Drew Jarman said...

Grumpy's From ERM are nice castings too. Also available from Eureka in Australia. My blog shows the castings I used to create mine.

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