The Waving Flag: Rhys ap Thomas's Retinue Men at Arms

Tuesday 12 May 2020

Rhys ap Thomas's Retinue Men at Arms

I have been working steadily on refreshing my War of the Roses retinues and here are some photos of the latest batch to be finished.

You might be wondering about the thick black "under-base".  This is a piece of MDF (2 mm) topped with magnetic vinyl (1 mm).  The command unit does not need an under-base but I added one for comparison purposes.

I made a batch of 40x30 and 40x40 mm under-bases to help me convert DBx bases to ADLG units.  Using these I can easily combine two 40x15 mm (or two 40x20 mm) bases to form one ADLG unit.  It's one of the many benefits of using steel bases.

The under-bases are not absolutely necessary but I found individual 40x15 mm bases a little fiddly during ADLG games.  The under-bases help as they keep the bases together plus they make the units easier to pick up.



Benjamin of Wight said...

Whose figures are those lovely boys?

Vexillia said...

They are all Roundway. See the Resources section for a link to more details.

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