The Waving Flag: 15 mm Medieval Russian Light Cavalry

Tuesday 11 August 2020

15 mm Medieval Russian Light Cavalry

I have finally finished something! I seem to have been painting for ages and yet , until now, I haven't managed to finish even a mini-project.  

So here they are: a collection of assorted Russian light horse to accompany the heavy cavalry I finished one year ago.

Apart from other distractions and commercial work, some of the delay was the complex shield patterns favoured by the Russians.  I had to work out how to simplify them for 15 mm which took quite a few attempts.  If anyone has any tips or illustrations do leave a comment.

I now have enough cavalry for an ADLG ally command for my Polish/Lithuanian army and I'm not that far away from a full ADLG Russian army. 

For the latter I need infantry.  I've already bought some, but if I go for a full army I will need more.  However that would mean lots more shield patterns which puts me off a little. I suppose I'll just see if, and when, the mood takes me.

To finish here's a slightly larger group shot of the various shield patterns I decided on.

All the figures are from Roundway's Medieval range with a mix of Roundway horses and one or two from Donnington.

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