The Waving Flag: 15 mm Medieval Russian Cavalry

Thursday 8 August 2019

15 mm Medieval Russian Cavalry

Today I finished this mini-project which has been on my painting desk for quite some time.  My intention was to replace some older, more generic, eastern medieval medium cavalry with new figures representing Russian cavalry in Lithuanian service as per ADLG list 237:

I don't know the historical background for the inclusion of the Russians in the list.  I'm assuming they were mercenaries. If you know more please leave a comment and a link.

I tried really hard with the photography; fresh white balance, depth of field, timer etc. It seems to have worked apart from a slight pinkish tinge on the background which I had to remove by hand. Ho hum, better luck next time.

The figures are all from Roundway with a mix of two eastern and one western horses.  As photos of the Roundway range are rare I thought I'd post pictures of the bare metal:

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