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Monday 22 February 2021

My Favourite Hobby Podcast

During the UK Lockdown I've been listening to the Madaxeman Podcast which is part of Tim Porter's burgeoning media empire.  If you like Tim's madcap battle reports then this may be the wargaming podcast for you.

What's It All About?
There is a format, which has evolved somewhat over time, within which Tim & his six wargaming friends prattle on about all things wargaming.  My wife refers to it as "Wargames Wittering".

The podcast focuses on ancient, medieval and renaissance periods but covers all periods such as WWII and Napoleonics.  It is released weekly during Lockdown.

There is now a spin off series which discusses a set of lists for Art de la Guerre (ADLG).  In early episodes this formed part of the main podcast until it caused the episodes to run on for far too long.

All contributors to the podcast are members of the Central London Wargames Club but don't let that put you off; it's not too "fings & finks".  They are also mainly competition wargamers.  Again don't let this put you off.  They have a refreshing approach: building armies for a purpose.

Tim herds this particular group of cats by a combination of a running order, judicious prompts and ludicrous asides to ensure the contributions are informative and rise above mere pub chat.  For example: he will prompt people to explain what they have leant or exactly how they approached painting particular set of figures.

As the podcast features a group of friends there are certain phrases in use that may puzzle first time listeners.  Some are running gags others are ADLG slang.  For example:

  • Full badger - a "strategy" involving a headlong charge of heavy knights. 1
  • Death Star - a group consisting of an elephant & medium foot (ADLG)
  • Two-handed choppers - two handed weapons (ADLG).

The humour is best described as irreverent, whimsical, and sometimes tongue in cheek. Thankfully, it avoids relying on the double entendre and smut which can be trying and cringe worthy.

Spot The Character
As a long time listener I have begun to recognise the voices and the participants' general approach and preferences. It's a bit like listening to a radio soap opera. For some reason the Archers springs to mind.

If you decide to listen or are already a regular listener, see if you can identify the following:

  • The painting expert with far more skill than the others. Often relied on to provide tips and techniques when others have erred and provide scientific rigour when others waffle.
  • The knight rampant who thinks the only way to win is with lots of heavy knights and lots of "bish, bash, bosh". Never troubled by self doubt.
  • The adult in the room (not Tim) who will bring the group to heel and often point out the ludicrous nature of a comment or side topic.
  • The "savings" expert who is always aware of the latest special offer or seasonal sale which never fails to tempt him into spending even more money.

Good luck.  Post your answers in the comments please.

Closing remarks
The overall feel of the podcast is relaxed and informal.  Each podcast lasts between one and a half, and two hours.  I find this makes an ideal background to a painting session.

For new listeners I recommend Episode 20 which summarises all the previous Lockdown episodes.

My time during the third UK Lockdown would have been far more boring without it and I would like to thank Tim and his mates for their efforts.  Long may it continue.


  1. I stand corrected.  Acording to the latest podcast, it's not just heavy knights.  Medium knights will also do. 


Pick of Penang said...

100% agree. My podcast of choice these days and the wargaming home of French underground techno!

TamsinP said...

I'm glad to hear you're enjoying our inane witterings. It looks as though we'll be carrying on until May at least.

Vexillia said...

Great news. Keep on wittering.

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