The Waving Flag: 15 mm Wars of the Roses Archers (Part 1/4)

Monday 8 March 2021

15 mm Wars of the Roses Archers (Part 1/4)

This project began in January when I decide to re-base my archer command bases and add new flags.  It then got out of hand when I decided to re-base all of my levy archers: all 36 bases of them! 

When done I aim to have three, easily distinguishable, types of late medieval archers: retinue (superior/elite), regular (ordinary), and levy (irregular) with the re-based levy archers forming the last two types.

I have now finished three of the four batches and here's the first batch to be fully based. They are: eight bases of levy (irregular) with a brand new command base complete with a livery flag for Rhys ap Thomas:

These are all Essex figures apart from the standard bearer which is from Feudal Castings.  There are only two poses in this group (MER 14 & 15).  The variation comes from the colours used on the padded armour.

After much agonizing, I decided to use just a single pose from a single manufacturer on each base.  I ended up with four bases knocking an arrow and four shooting.  In Art de la Guerre (ADLG) they will be in units of two bases so I will have one "knocking" base behind a shooting base on a magnetic sabot base.

According to the Madaxeman podcast this is "unfashionable".  Apparently, mono-pose bases and DBx basing are "old school" and buck the current trend for maximum variety on 40 by 40 mm bases (for bows).

In fairness I didn't really have the option of using larger bases: I've nearly run out of 40 by 40 mm metal bases and have no chance of getting more cut locally until Lockdown III ends.  Plus I wanted to keep the flexibility of DBx basing.  Who knows if ADLG will still be going in ten years time.

I want the different batches of archers to be easily identified on the table and the different sculpting styles of different manufacturers will help with this.

The next two batches use figures from Feudal Casting and Donnington (Ancient & Modern): yes I did end up buying new figures.  When all four batches are complete I will post a side by side comparison so you can see what I'm aiming for.

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