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Thursday 11 March 2021

ADLG: Army List Spreadsheet (Teaser)

As the title suggests, this is a teaser for two forthcoming posts on my latest hobby project.  I'm working on a spreadsheet so I can have a little Lockdown fun writing new lists for Art de la Guerre (ADLG).

In the coming weeks I'll be posting two articles.  The first will be about the list writing spreadsheet itself.  The second will cover the army list database that helps autofill various parts of the list writing spreadsheet.

In the meantime I thought I'd post this analysis of the ADLG V3 lists as a taste of what's possible with the new list database:

Lists With Strategists
Period V3 Lists Split Lists Difference
Ancients 8 8 0
Classical 14 16 2
Roman 19 26 7
Dark Ages 10 11 1
Feudal 13 16 3
Late Middle Ages 16 16 0
Americas 2 2 0
Grand Total 82 95 13

This answers the question the world's been asking for ages: which ADLG period has the most strategists?

You'll notice that in column three (Split Lists) some of the values are larger than in the column two (V3 Lists).  For the database to work properly I've had to parse some of the V3 lists into sub-lists.  Sometimes the sub-lists have a strategist too hence the higher values in column three which come from the new database.

The database can be analysed in lots of ways.  You can quickly indentify all the lists with a certain command value (sorted by period if required) as well as search for lists with given set of terrain options.  I've found it really useful and I hope others will too; when it's made public.

The data is in the process of being been thoroughly checked and I have longer term plans to upgrade the database once ADLG V4 is published.


andyfinkel said...

Hi, Martin. I tried your spreadsheet. All good, except that it calculated my Elite Impetuous Medium Knights as 13 points, not 12.

Vexillia said...

Update: points for Elite Impetuous Medium Knights corrected to 12 (was 13). Post any other errors here and I will correct them.

Vexillia said...

Thanks. Surprisingly, that came from the online sheet data. Fixed now.

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