Monday, 26 April 2021

ADLG: Version 4 Updates & Resources

Today the much awaited update to ADLG was released in the UK by North Star.  This is the fourth edition of the rules but only the second English language version.

ADLG covers: V3 (left) & V4 (right)

There's obviously going to be a flurry of pieces written about what's new and all the various changes, but I thought I'd pull together a list of best initial writing for future reference.

The best of the best will be transferred to my ADLG V4 resources page once things have settled down a little.



  1. Add link to Madaxeman's podcast on the Taifa Kingdoms (204) list from V4.

  2. Added a link to pdf from author Hervé Caille outlining the changes in V4.

  3. Added link to Tim Porter's review of the changes.

  4. am patiently awaiting my copy to plop through my letterbox any day now.....

  5. It looks like I was wrong when I said there was going to be "flurry of pieces written about what's new and all the various changes" two months ago.

    I've come across very little so I've decided that I won't add any more links to this post.

    From now on, any useful stuff will be added to my ADLG V4 resources page.


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